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Oregon’s Best Wine or OBWine, is a passionate group of wine tasting, wine sipping, wine making finatics who are a little bit nutty about wine.  We realize there are older wineries, larger wineries and longer pedigree.  We created Oregon’s Best Wine so that when you search online for Oregon’s Best Wine, we are your first choice.

We have a long journey ahead and we are excited to reach our goals with you on board. Within our first year of production, we have doubled in size, built out our own tasting room and will be Grand Opening our winery sometime in the early first Quarter.

Our business model is three fold: we want to make a beautiful wine with passion and soul to be shared and enjoyed throughout the world;  To provide a place online for our fellow winemakers and wineries  in the Oregon Willamette Valley to sell their wines and to help build the wine industry in Oregon.

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